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LGBTQI Community


Obstacles for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Community
Abusive behavior can occur not only physically, but emotionally and sexually as well in LGTBQI relationships. Intimate partner abuse is not limited to heterosexual relationships. Here are some common barriers to seeking service or safety:
1) Societal homophobia
2.) Legal limitations dealing with finances and children.
3.) Fear that abuser will "out" the victim to friends, family or co-workers.
4.) May not know other people within the community to reach out for help.
5.) Not wanting to place further negative stigma upon the LGBTQI community by reporting.
6.) Fear of services not understanding relationship
Am I Being Abused?
Physical Abuse:
  • Hitting, pushing, biting, strangulation, pulling hair, burning, kicking, etc.
  • Preventing partner from leaving, blocking exit, taking phone away
  • Locking partner in or out of home
  • Throwing or threatening with objects
  • Damaging belongings
  • Stalking
  • Forced use of substances
Emotional Abuse:
  • Verbal threats
  • Demeaning in front of family or friends
  • Name-Calling (to include slang against sexuality)
  • Obsessive jealousy and accusations of infidelity
  • Manipulation and lying
Sexual Abuse:
  • Unwanted touching, sexual acts
  • Demeaning partner for being too "butch" or too "femme"
  • Force of roughness that is not consensual
  • Refusing safe sex
  • Not disclosing an STI/STD

Identity Abuse:
  • Outing or threatening to out partner 
  • Using partner's own homophobia to demean or evoke fear 
  • Blaming abuse on partner's identiy or behavior 
  • Forcing partner to "come out" or to hide identity 
  • Ridiculing partner's gender identity: appearance, dress, voice and grooming.
  • Threatening to "out" partner as transgender
How do I get help?
Call to talk to an advocate 24/7: (907) 452-2293 or 1 (800) 478-7273
All advocates are trained in working with the LGBTQI community and can assist you in finding safety, seeking legal advocacy or if you just want support.
All calls are confidential.